Nagarjun Ek Yoddha 25 October Episode 107 Life OK Hotstar Written Complete Online

Nagarjun Ek Yoddha 25 October Episode 107 Life OK Hotstar Written Updates

Arjun is in very tension because of his fear and feeling. He and noorie are at his home, and some of the citizens come scared that some wild creature is burning the city and killing people. They urge him to save people from this dangerous devil.

Maskini sent this new Devil. Maskini wants to check the powers of Arjun. Mohini and Shankhchoorna want her to kill arjun. That is why she sends this devil to Amrouli to kill arjun. Maskini, Mohini and Shankhchoorna are watching this whole incident from their place. Arjun's mother is very scared because of this new devil.

Ajun directly can not fight this devil because new devil has the power of fire and it is the biggest weakness of arjun. Arjun wants to overcome his fear of fire and starts fighting the evil.

Nagarjun Ek Yoddha 25 October Episode 107 Life OK Hotstar Written Complete Online

Naagrani maskini still can not trust mohini and shankhchoorna. She thinks that they are lying to her. She thinks they are lying and want to trick her for something wrong. That's why shankhchoorna goes to help mambosa. Astika gets angry because he can not help arjun. Arjun starts loosing the war against the evil. Astika sends the girl snake who is friend of ajun by giving her his weapon and powers to fight evil to help arjun.

Shankhchoorna starts fighting urmi and try to kill her. Arjun's family and Noorie are worshiping god shiva to save arjun. Arjun somehow starts loosing the war. Shankhchoorna beats urmi also. Arjun remembers that he is a human also. That is his streangth too. He now remembers that fire can have vanished with help of Carbon di oxide. But mambosa hits him and arjun gets unconscious.

Now we will see that how arjun will kill mambosa and how mahabali astika will train arjun to fight. Maskini will want to make arjun his pet and mohini and shankhchoorna will be happy that their plan his getting success.
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Nagarjun Ek Yoddha 24 October Episode 106 Life OK Hotstar Written Complete Online

Nagarjun Ek Yoddha 24 October Episode 106 Life OK Hotstar Written Complete Online

Nagarjun Ek Yoddha has taken a lot of twist and turns. Last week we saw that Shankhchoorna has become the main antagonist of the show. He hires 2 terrorists to kidnap a school bus in amroli. There is Arjun's sister among kidnapped kids. Arjun saves that school bus. Arjun gets praised for saving the kids. Shankhchoorna and his mother are trying to call the super powerful snake maskini to kill arjun. Astika knows that if maskini comes on earth it will be distruction. he defeated maskin thousanda of years ago but now it not possble for him, to do it. So he is also afraid for it.

Arjun and Noorie are in a situation where both love each other but arjun can not be in relationship becasue it would distract him.

Nagarjuna Ek Yoddha Episode 106 24 October 2016 Life OK Hotstar Written Complete Online

Arjun tells noorie that he can never be with her in life. Astika seeks guru vasuki's help to handle the situation of Maskini. Arjun also feels that something wrong is going to happen. Shankhchoorna and his mother somehow wakes maskini up from a chronic sleep.
Nagarjun ek Yoddha has become one very interesting show after these amazing twists. Hot actors and actresses adds usp to it. Maskini character is also a hot and sexy lady but fierce at same time. Mohini and Shankhchoorna stars filling Maskini's ears against astika and arjun. Shankhchoorna tells maskini that her brother praninaath has died. Arjun has killed praninath. He tells maskin that arjun has become nagarjun becasue of naagmani.

Maskini is played by karishma tanna. Karishma Tanna is currently contestant of Jhalak Dikhlaja. She is very beautiful. She is playing very convincing negative role. She is sexy and beautiful and fierce altogether.

Watch Nagarjun 24 October episode on life ok and
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Brahmarakshas Jaag Utha Shaitan Episode Written Updates - Wallpapers

Brahmarakshas Jaag Utha Shaitan Episode Written Updates

Brahmarakshas – Jaag Utha Shaitaan is thriller show of Zee Tv , which is telecast every Saturday to Sunday at 9pm only on Zee TV. Brahmrakshas Serial is based on the story of the traditional fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast.It is produced by the serial queen Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor under the Balaji Telefilms. The show is running successfully and receives an amazing response of the audience. Krystle D’Souza and Aham Sharma is playing the lead role in the Brahmrakshas Serial. Get all the Brahmarakshas serial written updates on our blog. We will be updating our post for Brahmarakshas  22th October Episode written updates.

Brahmarakshas 25th October 2016 Written Update

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Precap Brahmarakshas 25th October 2016 Episode:  Apu reminiscing Phuli’s words that Brahmarakshas will not stop from water. She gets petrol cans from can. Rishab stabs Brahmarakshas with trishul from back.

Brahmarakshas 24th October 2016 Written Update

Rishab applies medicine to Raina’s back injury closing his eyes. They then start chatting. He thinks if he loves Raina or what. He says he will take her to hospital to see her dad and takes her in car. Adity and Nalin enjoy alcohol and discuss about Brahmarakshas. A villager comes and says Brahmarakshas killed his brother. Sarpanch/village head comes and says since they came to this village, Brahmarakshas started killing spree. Aditya says he is ruler of this village and has planned what to do with Brahmarakshas, they need not worry. Nalin goes some money to villager and sends him.

Apu who is waiting for them comes out and Rishab and asks if Raina will be safe. Raina sees them and is shocked even Rishab is with Apu. Apu takes Raina to asur sthal and ties Apu in Brahmarakshas temple. Raina is shocked and says that means she is Sanjay's wife and she killed him. Apu starts lying that Sanjay had many more wives and was Brahmarakshas even before she married him, he killed all his wife and was about to kill her, so she had to kill him. Apu says Raina is the last bride who escaped fro Brahmarakshas, so Brahmarakshas will kill her first, when he comes to kill Raina, she will kill him. He gets hospital's call that Raina's dad is still at hospital and Raina has to come and pay fees.

He says how can this be and informs family that Apu promised her that she will send Raina's dad and her back to their Mumbai home. Nalin thinks of stopping Rishab and says let us go to hospital, Raina may come there. Brahmarakshas walks towards Raina thinking her as Apu. Apu hiding behind pillar provokes Brahmarakshas to dare kill her, asks if he is not dead yet, he should kill her and get mukti for both of them. Rishab asks him to save Apu and takes Raina out.

Brahmarakshas 23rd October 2016 Written Update

Bharath says monitor he doesn't have warrant and verification that Rajbeer made a mischance, so he can't capture him. Buoyant chuckles and says to himself Pari won't return by any means. Pari sees human sanctuary and keeps running into. She inquires as to whether he won’t drink. He says he will drink by means of her eyes. Pari comes there and he keeps running behind her. She keeps running into a wilderness. He snickers and says she can’t make tracks in an opposite direction from her, he is all over the place. Pari sees human sanctuary and keeps running into. She gets blessed string.

Malicious soul Jolly keeps running back and accelerates in auto. He turns around auto and exactly when auto is going to hit Pari squashes a passing man. Pari runs towards the man and argues Jolly spare this man. Saudamii comes there and Jolly says he is making the most of his forces and tormenting Pari. Pari calls emergency vehicle and takes the man to the healing facility. Pari takes the man to the healing facility and requests that docs treat man soon. Buoyant begins tormenting her again and strolls into opposite side of reflect and says he has sent Rajbeer from where he will stay away forever.

Brahmarakshas 22nd October 2016 Written Update

    Payal asks for that her mind her tongue and says Satya is Jamai and not worker of the house. Mahi asks for that Payal not feel dreadful and tells that Satya will help you. Payal says I will act to touch it, then Mahi will loathe Satya all her life. Mahi asks for that Payal call the master and demands that Satya open his eyes.

    Authority checks Satya and says he felt a noteworthy paralyze, and says once he grabs mindfulness then nobody however we can know how he will react. Satya stays behind mahi and decays to get mixture. Mahi asks for that Satya hear him and says I ensure that you won't feel any anguish. Payal tells Shom that she will show Satya is acting. Satya says this is my pieces of clothing. Mahi hears Shom calling distressed to satya and goes there.

    Mahi encourages Satya not to say along these lines. Satya says he was taking my articles of clothing. Satya says I require even this, and tries to get pieces of clothing from Shom's hand. Payal says we ought to send Satya to his mum, until when we will manage her. Mahi says Satya is in this condition as a consequence of us, and says we ought to manage him. Naina comes and illuminates that Satya's mum doesn't know in regards to his marriage and she may record police complaint seeing Satya's condition. Payal exhorts Mahi that they have to keep an eye out for Satya. Mahi asks for that Payal take her tea, and says she needs to offer food to Satya else he will get enraged.
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    Brahmarakshas 16th October 2016 Written Update

    In the last episode of Brahamrakshas, we had seen that Raina is talking with Rishab and they are arguing with each other.  Raina says that there will be something wrong. Rajbir makes her understand and taunts her. They both then gets shocked seeing Mitali there. In the house, Mitali tells everything to Raina and Rishab. Apu then goes to Yug and says that she had come here to help me. Yug gets aimed and says to Apu that he will help her. Yug then comes back to home when Bua Ji is saying to Raina that she will arrange a party for them. In the night party gets started and Bau Ji introduced Raina to everyone and the guest's taunts about Raina's status. Raina thinks on and Apu on the other side smirks and says that I will make Raina's life a hell.
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    Brahmarakshas 15th October 2016 Written Update

    Raina says she saw Apu in the wilderness. Aditya calls sarpanch and says Apu is in Kamalpura's wilderness. Mitali comes to kitchen and requests that Raina keep her readied nourishment for her as she is going to check house remodel on Jassi daadi's request. Raina says wounds staring her in the face and asks what happened to her hands. Ved comes and requests that her serve first as daadi bua cautioned not to have anything before Raina serves her dish. Mohini says Raina arranged so delectable sustenance, so he is having nourishment. Rishab says Raina dislikes gulab. Daadi bua says that is correct and requests that Raina encourages Rishab. Daadi says Raina is a flawless match for Rishab.
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    Brahmarakshas 9th October 2016 Written Update

    In the last episode of Brahmarakshas, we had seen that Rishab is crying and saying to Raina that he had lost his sister and he doesn't even think that she is alive. Nalin and Aditya say the villagers that we should not help Apu at any cost and must throw her out of this village. In the house Raina and Rishab perform all the rituals and Rishab fill Raina's hairline with sindoor. They then drag Apu out of the house and Apu goes to the forest again. In today's episode, we are going to see Raina tells Rishab that she had seen Apu near the forest and she is pleading for help. Rishab gets fumes at this and says to Raina that we will not save Apu at any cost.
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    Brahmarakshas 8th October 2016 Written Update

    In the last episode Yug and Rishab silently followed Ajay. Apu was seen travelling in her car with Rakhi. She tied Rakhi’s hands. Apu asked Rakhi not to create drama. Rakhi opened car door and jumped out. She ran into jungle. Raina called Rishab. Rishab said her that he and Yug following Ajay as he is Brahamarakshas. Apu dragged her to Brahamarakshas mandir and forcefully made her wear bridal dress. Brahamarakshas walked towards Apu but she pushed Rakhi to Brahamarakshas. Brahamarakshas throwed Rakhi and walked towards Apu. Apu blamed Raina that due to her, Rakhi died. In today's episode Apu thinks that if Rakhi was alive then someone has kidnapped her. Phuli tells Raina that about the blood she saw in Brahamarakshas mandir.
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    Brahmarakshas Wallpapers

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    Brahmarakshas Wiki Star cast Plot Story Till now - Upcoming Twist on Zee TV

    Brahmarakshas Wiki Star cast Plot Story Till now - Upcoming Twist on Zee TV

    A brand new television spirit drama show is coming on ZEE TV to touch hearts of viewers. On 6th August 2016, One of popular channel ZEE TV will telecast an upcoming Indian Hindi drama spirit television series, name is Brahmarakshas. The genre of upcoming serial is Spirit cum Drama. The upcoming spirit serial is produced by Ekta Kapoor under banner of Balaji Telefilms. Ekta Kapoor is producing another super-natural serial in the upcoming month after the grand success of Naagin and Kavach serial.

    As per sources, the story of this serial will be inspired by blockbuster Shah Rukh Khan movie ‘Paheli’. The upcoming serial will be telecast only on weekend i.e Saturday and Sunday and timing of spirit drama serial will be 09:00 PM. The starting date of drama serial is August 6th, 2016. Krystle D’souza are in female lead role and Aham Sharma are in male lead role. The first look poster, official promo or HD Wallpapers of upcoming drama serial is already available on Internet. Her producers is coming with an exciting super natural story.

    Plot / Story of Brahmarakshas Serial

    The upcoming serial will be a spirit drama television serial which will broadcast on original network ZEE TV. It is a spirit drama serial where Krystle D’souza who is in female lead character fall in love with another male lead role, name is Aham Sharma. But story of serial turns when she came to know that that boy is not a human being but he is a demon. In this serial, a ghost will fall in love with a human. This serial is loosely based on Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Paheli’, where he played a ghost who falls in love with a neglected wife (Rani Mukerji). So, let’s audience wait to start this serial and share their views by placing a comment.

    Brahmarakshas Serial Star Cast 

    The complete star cast of upcoming serial is not disclose by producers yet. As per sources, below will be star cast details of Brahmarakshas TV Spirit Drama Serial on ZEE TV

    • Krystle D’souza as lead
    • Aham Sharma
    • Neha Dandle
    • Sailesh Datter
    • Soniya Kakker
    • Abhaas Mehta
    • Ojasvi Oberoi

    Brahmarakshas Serial Schedule / Timing 

    Below are schedule / timing of Brahmarakshas TV Spirit Drama Serial on ZEE TV

    • Show Name : Brahmarakshas
    • Producer : Ekta Kapoor under Balaji Telefilms
    • Release Date : Scheduled for 6th August 2016
    • Genre : Spirit Drama
    • Channel Name : ZEE TV
    • Telecast Days : Saturday – Sunday
    • Timing : 09: 00 PM
    • Language : Hindi

    Brahmarakshas Story till now 

    At railroad station, Rishabh, Raina, Shyam and his better half, Mishri missed the prepare to Kamalpura. While wandering in town Raina achieves the sanctuary where a Pooja is going to catch Brahmarakshas. Raina recognizes the villagers grabbing a vagrant young lady Bitto and tails them to wilderness were Bitto is tied up and they apply Sindoor to her to get her as a Bali to Brahmarakshas. Raina figures out how to spare Bitto yet gets caught herself. Raina spots Brahmarakshas while backtracking with Rishab. Rishab tries to talk with Mohini about Varun yet he comes up short as unwittingly Raina meddles and ruins it. Raina finds out about Varun being Rakhi's sweetheart. Mohini some how figures out how to persuade Raina to keep Varun's truth far from Ajay and his family. Raina over hears Yug and with Rishab's help they both figures out how to spare Varun. Raina helps Rakhi to run off before her marriage with Varun.

    Everybody including Ajay is stunned to find that Rakhi fled from her wedding and Raina helped Rakhi. Raina comforts Rishab and request that he battle against Brahmarakshas to get equity for Rakhi. From villagers Rishab and Raina find out about Brahmarakshas urf Thakur Sanjay's story. Raina doesn't perceive that Aparajita is Apu maa as she has never met Rishab's Apu mama. Before leaving to Mumbai Raina figures out how to harm the auto, Rishab and Raina figure out how to skip from that point and goes to Sanjay's house. Before Raina could demonstrate Rishab the picture Brahmarakshas ruins it. Rishab advises Raina that lone when another lady of the hour with every single conjugal image comes in Kamalpura brahmarakshas assaults her. Phooli shapes Raina that they are the main couple who got murdered by Brahmarakshsas. Mohini advises Raina to do grahapravesh in their home. Raina first time sees Appu maa and understands that she is Aparajita who is Sanjay's better half. Aparajitha figures out how to persuade Rishab to send Raina far from Kamalpura for her wellbeing. In transit Aparajitha captures Raina and takes her to Asursthal to give her as a Bali to Brahmarakshsas. The whole town expresses gratitude toward Raina for slaughtering Brahmarakshsas. Raina is irate with Rishab as she is misinformed by Aparajitha. Aparajitha chooses to trap Raina as she is the person who can execute Brahmarakshsas.

    Brahmarakshas Upcoming Twists News 

    • Aparajita's Brahmarakshas symbol delivering retribution from Raina 
    The forthcoming scene of Brahmarakshas will demonstrate high voltage show where Brahmarakshas' end brings bliss for Kamalpura. Everybody acclaims Rishabh and Raima says thanks to them for their endeavors sparing them from Brahmarakshas. Rishabh and Raina's romantic tale additionally takes a kick begin where Rishabh's Dadi constrains them to come nearer. Rishabh and Raina are in situation about their affections for each other, and couldn't under what to do. 
    • Aparajita's malicious symbol 
    Rishabh and Raina's inconveniences are not going to end here as Aparajita is soon going to return in wild symbol. Aparajita will turn Brahmarakshas and will come back to render her affront retribution from Raina and Rishabh. Stay tuned for all the more energizing upgrades of the forthcoming scenes.
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    Watch Nagarjun Ek Yoddha 3rd october Episode Life Ok Hotstar

    Watch Nagarjun Ek Yoddha 3rd october Episode Life Ok Hotstar

    Nagarjun Ek Yoddha has taken a lot of twists and turns since the start. Now we know that a different star plays the lead actor of the show Arjun. Pearl is now Nagarjun. he is the strongest naag in the world. Vasuki has given everything to save arjun from the bad intentions of Takshak. Astika is now supporting Vasuki and Arjun. he wants to save his son and wants to set an example. Vasuki fought with arjun when he was a devil because of the magic of takshak. Now Takshak is planning to attack on earth. We now have to see that how arjun will save everyone from takshak.

    Watch Nagarjun Ek Yoddha On Life OK

    Nagarjun ek yoddha is one the highest TRP serial of Life Ok. You can watch Nagarjun Ek Yoddah 3rd October episode on Life Ok at 9pm. If you ae not at home then no worries. Watch Nagarjun ek yoddha on Hotstar app or website. 

    Watch nagarjun Ek Yoddha 3rd October Episode Online

    Nagarjun ek yoddha is one of the best mythology on Indian TV. Nagarjun ek yoddha has a huge fan following. In 3rd October episode we will see that how arjun saves everyone he loves after becoming normal. We will watch Nagarjun Ek Yoddha 3rd October episode today and we will know that what is goin to  happen next.
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    Watch Devanshi Serial Colors TV Live Broadcasting, Timings Online Info

    Watch Devanshi Serial Colors TV Live Broadcasting, Timings Online Info

    Devanshi is one latest serial of Colors TV. Devanshi is about to start from 3rd October on Colors Channel. Devanshi Serial is upcoming Drama and romantic serial to be broadcast on Colors TV. Devanshi is a serial to break the stereotype from the India about the dharma gurus who are earning in the name of god. Devanshi Serial will be the story of a girl who will be abducted by a female dharma guru and made her devanshi by stealing her childhood and innocence. Devanshi is supposed to be a big hit on tv. Here is Complete Devanshi Serial Info:

    Devanshi Serial Colors TV Cast | Devanshi Star cast

    Kashvi Kothari
    Ankita Sharma
    Aamir Dalvi
    Karuna Pandey
    Nisha Nagpal
    Mazher Sayed
    Priyanka Khera
    Dolphin Dwivedi

    Devanshi Serial Timing and Telecasting Days

    Devanshi serial timings are here. You want to watch the latest TV Show Devanshi on Color Channel. Here is the timing of Devanshi Serial  Colors. Devanshi Serail Timing is 8:00 pm every day on weekdays. You will be able to watch Devanshi Serial from Monday to Friday at 8:00pm. Devanshi will be new primetime tv serial on colors channel.

    How to Watch Devanshi Serial Colors Online

    If you will not be able to watch Devanshi Serial on Colors tv then no need to think that you are going to miss an amazing serial. We are here with the proper answer that How to watch Devanshi Serial Colors. Youtube will be presenting all the episodes on its website. You can watch Devasnhi on Youtube Everyday anytime anywhere.
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    Nagarjun Ek Yoddha 30 August Episode Life OK Hotstar Written Episode Complete Online

    Summary of 29th August Episode: 

    Pundark took Babruvan to Naglok by some secret ways.  Pundarik says it is possible, and ahead he has to face nag sainiks. Sainiks stop Pundarik and say he knows well this is Naglok and human are restricted and ask a human to run away if he wants to save himself. Babruvan says he is Arjun putra and did not come to return, asks them to go back and inform their boss to send their most brave warrior. They say they will not go. He shoots the arrow, and they run away.

    Seshnag advises Vasuki even he needs to give Nagmani, however not without all maha sabha individuals' assent. Vasuki requests that Dhitarastra stops his stubbornness and give assent. Dhitarastra.

    Says no, he will battle with Babruvahan. Vasuki says Babruvahan and Arjun and Chitrangadha's child and is intense. Dhitarastra says he will battle with Babruvahan for Naglok's nobility. Seshnag says he can go as others additionally will be suspicious, so even he ought to battle with Babruvahan. Vasuki says he can't. Dhitarastra says Vasuki is a quitter, so he will go and battle. Seshnag grants. Vasuki inquires as to why did he allow Dhitarastra. Seshnag says without his god Vishnu's authorization, even a leaf can't shake, so he ought to acknowledge it as god Vishnu's desire.

    Dhitarastra kicks Babruvahan and begins provoking. Babruvahan says he doesn't execute blameless and will slaughter Dhitarastra now. Dhitarastra says he will slaughter even him and his mom will perform last privileges of both spouse and child. He lifts Babruvahan and tosses him on floor. Babruvahan hops and kicks him. Their battle proceeds. Dhitarastra tosses poison from his mouth and Pundarik comes in front and bears it. Dhitarasta then gets to be snake and assaults Babruvahan. Babruvahan assaults him and he get away. Babruvahan keeps shooting his bolt irately. Seshnag comes and gives him nagmani to spare Arjun. 

    Vasuki leaves flashback. Arjun Shastri inquires as to whether Babruvahan spared Arjun. Vasuki says Takshak sent Dhitarastra's children Durbudhi and Dursabhav and played trap. Chitrangadha plays god to give back her significant other's life. She asks Uloopi for what valid reason did not Babruvahan return, on the off chance that he is sheltered. Uloopi is Babruvahan is a fearless warrior and will bring nagmani children. Durbudhi and Dursabhav enter masked as officers and educate them that Babruvahan and Pundarik are accompanying Nagmani. They both head out to get them. Durbudhi and Dursabhav take Arjun's head and escape. Chitrangadha turns out with Uloopi and does not see any fighter. Babruvahan accompanies Pundarik. Uloopi inquires as to whether he brought Nagmani. He gestures yes. Chitrangadha inquires as to whether he is protected. Babruvahan says he ran with his both moms' endowments, so he came safe. He indicates Nagmani and says let us go and remember father. Chitrangadha says he sent fighters some time back. He says he didn't. They all get suspicious, keep running into tent and see Arjun's head missing.

    Nagarjun 30th August Episode Written Episode

    We will update after tonight episode.
    You are suggested to watch on LifeOK/ Hotstar. 
    Or you can read here after the 9:30 here 
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